VIP BOCHURIM STAFF ANNOUNCE: Registration is NOW open for VIPBochurim Israel Camp 5779

The VIP staff is super-excited to announce that registration is NOW open for VIPBochurim 5779, which promises to be the most thrilling, impactful, and memorable summer experience for bochurim aged 16-20! After seven long years of traveling the world, the program will be returning to its roots in Eretz Yisroel, where VIP first began ten summers ago.

“We pride ourselves in our reputation for the top-notch, luxurious accommodations and the most unforgettable trips,” says Aizik Chanin, one of the founders of VIP, “This summer, we will take VIP to a whole new level!”

VIPBochurim 5779 will be led by beloved educator and VIP director, Rabbi Levi Blizinsky, who states, “From the peaks of the Golan Heights to the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea, from Eilat to Rosh HaNikra and everything in between, we will explore our homeland and Jewish history through five weeks of intensive traveling, hiking up Masada, jeeping in the Galil, visiting the resting places of some of our holiest tzadikim, and much much more!”

“This program is designed to educate and inspire the leaders of this generation! We will help each one of our students find himself, connect to the Rebbe, and have the most incredible summer. Our goal and mission, is to make HaShem a reality in our day-to-day lives,” according to Rabbi Blizinsky.

VIPBochurim will uncover the unique talents and individuality of each participant and bring out their hidden potential. Legendary mashpia, Rabbi Yoskah Levin, will join the adventure and incorporate the revolutionary 5Alive method of learning. Chassidus will be the foundation of the entire program. All the fun and adventures will be a conduit to excite the bochurim about life and chassidus during their five weeks in Eretz Yisroel and beyond.

The program will run from July14th – August 8th, Registration is limited and will fill up fast! You do not want to miss out on the summer of a lifetime.

For more information and to see more pictures from previous summers, please check out “VIPBochurim” on Facebook.

For questions or comments, please email

Secure a spot on the adventure by contacting Rabbi Levi Blizinsky at (347) 677-2451.

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