WARNING TO FRUM JEWS: Ukrainian Airlines Profiles Jewish Passengers; Tefillin, Jewelry, Shaitels And Other Valuables All Missing

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*ALERT* there is multiple stories with Ukraine International airlines past few weeks , they force you (frum Yiddin) to put the hand luggage under the plane , they put such a green sticker [not regular luggage tag] when you get to Kiev they tell you they have no clue about such luggage and there is no such tracking number … today it was from TLV to Kiev, around 50 hamisha people and ONLY frum peple were forcefully taken away hand luggage and put with the strollers under the plane.. then in Kiev they say they have no idea of such a suitcase .. ppl lost very expensive and valuable things including Tffilin! And doesn’t look like they will ever find it, please fwd! Thanks.

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