‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ Saves Birthright Participant’s Life On Israel Flight after man, 26, went into anaphylactic shock

  • Matt Faraco, 26, from Atlanta, Georgia, was on board a Delta flight on June 30 from New York City to Tel Aviv 
  • About two hours in, he went into anaphylactic shock, which is when the immune system overreacts to an allergen
  • Dr Mikhail Varshavski – known as Doctor Mike – used epinephrine, a hormone, to – relax Faraco’s airway muscles so he could breathe again
  • The two reunited in Jerusalem a few days later, by which time Faraco recovered
  • Physicians in Israel believe a tick bite left Faraco with an allergy to meat, which he ate the night before his trip 
  •  Dr Varshavski said he had to dose the epinephrine himself because there was no EpiPen on board and wants all airlines to have one in their first aid kits

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