92 years later who won the war? – By Rabbi Yosef Katzman

This past Monday the 12th of Tammuz, I agreed to have surgery because it is an auspicious day.

92 years ago, in 1927 the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, was arrested by the Soviets for being a Jew, and for the crime of opening Jewish schools and synagogues, and for building Mikve’s, crimes for which my great-grandfather was arrested and shot for, and many other Chasidim were either shot, sent to the gulag, or to some other hellhole to freeze to death, in Siberia.

Some of these Chasidim were never heard from again, but thanks to their efforts, Judaism stayed alive, and survived the Soviets.

Take Yerachmiel Gorelik, his grandfather was one of the lucky Chasidim to be arrested and persecuted for being a Chasid, today Yerachmiel is the Chabad Shliach in Kazan, Russia, from where he shared his Nachas, that one of his students became an ordained Rabbi this week, on this auspicious day of the Rebbe’s liberation.

Yerachmiel shared with us an amazing experience he had last Simchas Torah, when the regional police chief, the successor to the ones who arrested his grandfather, sent him an email with a question; I read all the rules of how to celebrate the holiday and I’ll have to do them all at home, because it is too far for me to come to your synagogue, but one detail I won’t be able to observe, and that’s the one about dancing around with a Torah?!

Yerachmiel responded; you can take any Jewish book that you have at home, and dance with it at home, and this will be considered as if you’re dancing in shul with all of us.

How heartwarming was it after the holiday, when this police commissioner sent a video of himself, dressed in a big Kippa with a large pair of Tzitzis, as he is clutching to his heart a book of Torah and he’s shaking away vigorously to a cassette of lively Russian music to celebrate Simchas Torah!!!

What a sight to see, and what joy did this bring to G-d and the Jewish people!!!

Yerachmiel’s brother Itzik, is the Chabad Shliach in Tumen, Siberia, one of the resorts to where our grandparents were sent to for being Jewish, only last week he shared with us some video of how he is pouring cement for a luxurious Mikvah that he is building for the local Jewish community!!!

What a way to celebrate the holiday of redemption of the previous Rebbe, who was arrested exactly for these crimes of building Mikve’s and educating Rabbis.

We are all beneficiaries of this great auspicious day, because after the release from prison the Soviets realized that allowing the Rebbe to stay in Russia was a danger for Soviet Russia, so they expelled him to the West, which ultimately lead the Rebbe to settle in America, from where he started rebuilding Judaism all over the world succeeded by his successor, his son-in-law our dear Rebbe.

Where are there Soviets today?

Where are the Chasidim today?

Where is Judaism today?

The Soviets knew who was the real threat, they were 100% right, ultimately we witnessed the victory of the winner.

The 12-13th of Tammuz are really auspicious days, and I pray that they stand by me in good stead, for a full and speedy recovery.

Drink a good Lechaim, it’s a very auspicious week,
Gut Shabbos

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