The Hate We Don’t Discuss Suffering & silence with the recent spike in violent anti-Semitism in Brooklyn

At Tablet, Armin Rosen has written an excellent and necessary article about the recent spike in violent anti-Semitism in Brooklyn. Having interviewed victims, community figures, police officers, and city officials, Rosen presents the most thorough portrait of the problem thus far (including a map of recent attacks).

“Anti-Semitic hate crimes against persons, which describes nearly everything involving physical contact, jumped from 17 in 2017 to 33 in 2018,” Rosen writes, “with the number for the first half of 2019 standing at 19, according to the NYPD’s hate crime unit.” He goes on: “Jews are the most frequent targets of hate crimes in New York City, and have been for some time.” Given that most of the victims Rosen interviews know other Jews who haven’t reported similar attacks, the number is probably larger.

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