For G-d and Country – By Rabbi Yosef Katzman

This past week we started the three weeks of mourning period for the destruction of the holy temples and the city of Jerusalem, and for the close to two thousand year of exile that the Jewish people have been since they were expelled from the land of Israel.

Interestingly, this very week, we (in the diaspora) learn all about the preparations to enter the Holy Land, when Moses pleads with G-d to appoint a successor who will lead the Jews into the Holy Land.

We also learn of the six noble women who demanded their share to inherit in the Holy Land.

Finally we learn the order of the daily, sabbatical, and holiday sacrificial order, which was to be performed in the land of Israel in the Holy Temples.

We have our plates full with love for the Holy Land, and for the service of G-d which was to take place in it, which is what the Holy Land is all about.

And the ladies demanded that in a case when the family unit is lacking, they don’t want to be left out, and G-d said they are right.

While the men failed more than once in their love of Eretz Yisrael (the spies, Korach, etc.), the women demanded their share, expressing their absolute love for the Holy Land.

I Kabalistic terms, the women, the land and the observance of Torah in the Holy Land, are all connected because they are all about the Malchus = Kingship of G-d, and His glory in creation.

That’s why the women didn’t fail, because the whole idea of going to the Holy Land, to perform the sacrificial order, and all other Mitzvos connected to the land (which are the majority of all 613 Mitzvos), are just part of their DNA.

And as we come closer to the end of the exile, and we are looking forward to returning to Eretz Yisrael speedily with Moshiach, the women take the lead in demonstrating the love for G-d and for Country, as the Kabalistic interpretation of the prophecy of King Solomon in Proverbs 12,4; “A virtuous woman is the crown of her husband”, not as a decoration, but rather as his superior, which will happen when Moshiach comes speedily, when all the super qualities of the woman will be revealed, because G-d’s kinship and glory will be revealed.

Because the woman, the land, the act of observing the Mitzvos, is one and the same, they are all about G-d’s glory.

Enjoy her majesty’s Shabbos food, and have a Shabbos of love and glory,
Gut Shabbos

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