Jewish Boys Attacked On Shabbos Afternoon in Thornhill, Ontario

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This is my brother. Today my brother and his friend were walking together enjoying their Shabbos afternoon as they usually do and out of the blue they get attacked by an 18 yr old male of color. My brother and his friend tried making a run for it but got hurt badly. They are currently in the hospital overlooking their condition. This was a hate crime. It was also an anti-semetic act. I am in complete utter shock that such baseless hatred is still present in 2019. I am sharing this to create awareness but I have absolutely no words on how to react or move forward. #admosai . . . UPDATE ** BH both boys are doing OK. #jewish #antisemitism #israel #admosai #admatai #mashiachnow #stopthehate #hatecrime #love #one #onelove #oneheart #onenation #humanity #whathappened #hashemyishor #weneedpeace

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Thornhill, Ontario – Two Jewish 14 year old boys were walking on Shabbos afternoon in Yorkhill Park, when they were attacked by an African American male. The attacker appeared to be around 18 years of age.

The attacker ran up behind the boys, and struck one of them over the head, hard enough to knock him down. He then told the other boy, “You’re next.”

The boys ran off in opposite directions. The other boy tripped in his haste and fractured his elbow. He made it to the nearest Jewish house, and told them what transpired. The police were called.

One of the boys spent the night in the hospital. Police are investigating the incident, and are trying to determine if hate was a motive.

There is speculation that a 5 year old girl may have been attacked by the same perpetrator, as her parents reported that their daughter claimed to have been hurt by someone earlier in the day.

Unfortunately this has not been the only incident in that neighborhood as of late. Recently a neighbor woke up to the word “blood” carved by a key into his car.

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  1. Robert Feinstein says:

    REFUAH SHLEMA for both of these boys.

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