Exile and Me, The soul is part of G-d. What does this mean? by Rabbi Yosef Katzman

When you say that the soul is a part of G-d, who is the supreme infinite eternal being, this means that the soul is part of this supreme-infinite-eternal-being and it shares all these qualities, because this is inherently what the soul is.

But wait a minute, the soul as we know it, is basically the lifeline to a very finite materialistic indulging being, a body which desires only physical and material pleasures, and doesn’t seem to be too interested in any spiritual lofty ideals, and doesn’t seem to be connected to G-d and G-dly matters at all.

Ah, that’s exile, the soul is in exile!

Instead of the soul inspiring the body to lust G-d, to want to be in love with G-d, to want to be preoccupied with serving G-d and obeying His commandments to make this physical world a G-dly spiritual place, the body actually overpowers the soul to take the G-dly lifeline that the soul brings to the body to keep it alive, to pursue all bodily lusts and to indulge in as much materialism and more.

So where’s the soul in all of this?

The soul seems to be completely lost.

The soul came directly from G-d, the supreme-infinite-eternal-being Himself, and by way of the transcendental process of progression, contractions and limitations, the soul became a source of life for a very limited-constrained-finite-being, which is the body, and they become so united as if they are one and the same, the soul is the life and soul of the body, and the body becomes the hands and feet of the forever living soul.

And the body seems to win, the soul is in exile, it cannot pursue its spiritual and G-dly desires, but it must go along with the body to indulge in materialism against its will.

The soul needs to go free.

Because the soul is inherently G-dly and infinite, this happens with just one move.

This is called Teshuva, return, the soul returns to its original being, and this is the soul being a part of G-d Himself.

When the soul together with the body study Torah, which is G-d’s wisdom, and observe the Mitzvos, G-d’s commandments, which are G-d’s will, the soul becomes rejuvenated, and it inspires the body to become spiritual and G-dly, to go along with the soul and become connected to G-d, and the soul is then freed and goes out of exile.

So when we look to end the exile, just rejuvenate the soul and reconnect it with its source, and the process of redemption is on the way.

Have a Shabbos of rejuvenation and redemption,
Gut Shabbos

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