Active shooter – At least 7 Philadelphia police officers injured – Suspect Arrested

Suspect has been arrested and was just seen leaving the hospital and being placed into transport van after allegedly shooting six Philadelphia police officers and barricading himself in a building with several hostages.

  • Police have confirmed that 6 officers have been shot, and more have been injured in non-shooting has been injured.
  • One officer is trapped inside the house.
  • Police say a pedestrian has also been injured.
  • All injuries have been described to be non-life threatening.
  • Police first were called to the scene for narcotics activity
  • One suspect has been arrested, though another is still in the building.
  • The shooting is at a house near the Temple University Health Sciences Center. The campus is currently on lockdown.
  • Shots are still being fired; the scene has been active for over an hour.

6:34 p.m.: According to police, one officer is trapped inside the same house as the shooter.

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