Payroll company MyPayrollHR closes without warning and tens of thousands of employees from 4,000 companies have their paychecks totaling up to $26 MILLION withdrawn – leaving many unable to pay bills or feed their families

  • The FBI is now investigating after MyPayrollHR, a payroll service provider based in Clifton Park, New York, shut down without warning last week
  • The abrupt closure came after paychecks started to vanish from the personal bank accounts of workers across the country
  • Paychecks were deducted from people’s bank accounts after they had been paid
  • Some workers had their original paycheck amount deducted up to three times, leaving them with negative bank account balances
  • The total amount of paychecks deducted is believed to be $26 million but the total losses, including taxes, is roughly $35 million 
  • It is not yet clear where the deducted money has gone 
  • MyPayrollHR is refusing to comment on the scandal that is believed to have effected about 4,000 companies across the country 

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