Balaam the wicked one curses the Jews, who cares? – by Rabbi Yosef Katzman

And G-d refused to pay attention to Balaam and He flipped the curse and turned it around to make it a blessing (this week’s Torah reading).

Balaam the wicked one curses the Jews, who cares?

What’s so dramatic about these curses that G-d must proclaim that He’s not paying attention?

But Balaam was a prosecutor; he tried to nit-pick the behavior of the Jewish people to find misbehavior to warrant a punishment.

And G-d said; nice try, this won’t work with Me!

Now G-d is not saying that Balaam is lying, or that the Jewish people have not committed these sins, but G-d says; I’m not listening, I’m not interested in what you have to say, period.

Why is that?

Every day we acknowledge G-d’s grace, we contemplate in prayer on the transcendental progression with which G-d condensed His overexposure, so that the world can come into existence.

We realize that if G-d’s light would shine brightly, our existence could never be.

So it was G-d’s kindness that He concealed Himself in order to allow us to be.

This awakens within us a yearning of love to get close to G-d, but at the same time we realize that we can’t get too close because this can cause our total nullification.

So we cry out in anguish; G-d we want to get close to you with every fiber of our being, but we realize that this is not so easy at all.

G-d listens, and He responds; I know that the reason you’re not getting close, which is also a reason why you sin, it is because you can’t feel my presence all the time, I acknowledge that this is not your fault.

Hence, G-d says; I’ll overlook your sins, furthermore, I’ll take those sins and I’ll apply them as if they were Mitzvos – positive acts, because I see from your yearning that you really want to be close to me and obey my commandments.

Your failures are not really yours; they are the result of the concealment that I have brought about!

Therefore, I don’t even want to listen to the prosecutors, regardless of who they are or what they have to say, you have demonstrated that you’re not happy with the concealment, and that you really want My revelation.

My children, you got it, I will reverse the negatives to positives, and I will overturn the curses to blessings!

The results of Teshuva, G-d’s blessing.

Warm up to the New Year, G-d is on our side.

Have a blessed Shabbos,
Gut Shabbos
Yosef Katzman

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