Drone attack on Saudi oil seen as ‘Pearl Harbor’ moment…’Iranian weapons used’ Another tanker seized in Hormuz…

  • America is awaiting for confirmation Iran was behind attacks on Saudi oil plants
  • Trump tweeted: ‘[The US] is locked and loaded depending on verification’
  • He also said he is waiting to hear from Saudi officials about how to proceed
  • The extraordinary statement suggesting Saudi Arabia will have a say in how the US moves forward was quickly slammed by critics 
  • On Sunday, a senior Trump administration official said Iran launched close to a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from it’s territory during the attack
  • President confirmed he had authorized release of reserve oil to stabilize prices
  • Comes after Tehran warned the US that Iran was ‘ready for full-fledged war’
  • Attacks on two plants at the heart of the kingdom’s oil industry Saturday knocked out more than half of Saudi crude output 

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