Save On Schach This Year From Home Depot: 6’x 16′ Reed Fencing From $26/Mat And CRC Schach Guidelines – In 2017, the CRC published this guide with several fencing mat options that work for as kosher schach that can be bought at Home Depot at a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats. That list included the mats above, as long as you place the mats perpendicular to the support beams. Be sure to read their guide for instructions and further information.

Last year the CRC posted an update saying that they are no longer offering specific recommendations as the mats might not provide more shade than sun if a few of the reeds break. But they say you can still use the previously reccomended mats as long as you add a 2nd layer of fencing mats or add on some other schach on top to make sure that you’ll have more shade than sun in your sukkah. Even with 2 layers, it will still be a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats. You can also place mats so that they overlap halfway over each other.

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