Report: German Army Tank Plowed through, Desecrated Jewish Cemetery in Lithuania.

German tank desecrating the Jewish cemetery in Kaunas

On September 22, the Old Žaliakalnis Jewish Cemetery in Kaunas, in south-central Lithuania, was desecrated, according to a report in the website of the Jewish Community of Kaunas. The website notes that Aira Sesartyte, a resident of Kaunas, took pictures of German soldiers desecrating Jewish graves and a German Army tank drove through the stones. Sesartyte reported that the German tank drove straight to the graves, rode over them, leveling them to the ground.

In total, some 30 Jewish tombstones were destroyed under the tracks of the German tank. On the same day, a large swastika was painted on the memorial stone at the cemetery’s entrance, and the fences were painted with anti-Semitic and pro fascist inscriptions and symbols.

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  1. Thomas Ludwig says:

    Fake news, most likely disseminated by Russia

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