Los Angeles, California, Sept. 24, 2019 – After 10 years of offering groundbreaking summer experiences, VIP Bochurim proudly announces the launch of its newest division: VIP Business Boot Camp, a program geared toward young Jewish men aged 18 and older. This program serves as the ultimate professional and personal growth experience for those looking to cultivate key skills, which will help them navigate the complex and challenging world of business. VIP Businessmen will learn critical, high-income skills such as sales, marketing, organizational leadership, and negotiating through hands-on, real-world projects under the mentor-ship of industry leaders. VIP Businessmen will live together in a high-end Los Angeles home with top-notch accommodations. In this space they will collaborate, grow, adventure, and create memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Participants living locally, in the Los Angeles area, are invited to join the program daily and are not required to stay in the VIP home.

“We are building a community for young Jewish men who want to be both successful businessmen and self-realized Jews. We promote a culture of ‘work hard, play hard,’ mixing business with pleasure,” said Rabbi Aizik Chanin, VIP’s co-founder (with Yisroel and Rivka Chanin). Rabbi Chanin added, “VIP Businessmen will learn the essential skills from successful industry drivers who have decades of priceless knowledge and countless experiences to share. Our businessmen-in-training will live in a positive and productive environment of friends who will be learning, growing, and EARNING together. Our community will learn how to lead their very own business, based on the principles of Torah. We pride our unique boot camp as an educational, yet fun and lively, environment.”

While a holistic understanding of business is essential to any aspiring businessman’s success, it is also important to take a passionate approach and identify one’s niche in the industry.

VIP Businessmen will have the resources and support to cultivate their unique talents and abilities. The Rebbe teaches in the HaYom Yom of Nissan 25, “The individual’s avoda must be commensurate with his character and innate qualities. There may be one who can drill pearls or pol ish gems but works at baking bread (the analogy in the realm of avoda may be easily understood). Though baking bread is a most necessary craft and  occupation, this person is considered to have committed a ‘sin.’” VIP Businessmen will have the tools and environment to reveal their true selves while cultivating their unique abilities.

To promote happy and healthy living, VIP Businessmen will be rewarded with weekly trips, outings, and Shabbatons. While the educational and developmental components of VIP Business Boot Camp is paramount, VIP’s programs strive to create a community of individuals who can support one another —an inner circle.

The Chanin Fund has generously supported VIP Bochurim since its inception and will be a major sponsor for the VIP Business Boot Camp. Currently, The Chanin Fund supports many incredible organizations and projects including: Stump the Rabbi, My Maor- Rebbe Video,,, Vaad Lehafotzas Sichos, Vaad Sichos Kodesh, Kupas Rabbeinu, Yeshiva of Tzfat, Musiys Teiglach at JETS, Chavaya, and Chabad of Sherman Oaks.


Physical Coaching Is The GPS For How To Navigate The Body.

VIP Businessmen start their mornings early with exercises led by the acclaimed Dr. Jacques Bendavid, DC, owner of the Healing Chiropractic Center, who is a board-certified chiropractor and physical therapist. He has more than 25 years of experience in chiropractic care and more than 30 years of experience in therapeutic massage and physical education. VIP businessmen will learn to appreciate the value of living a healthy lifestyle while pursuing their professional ambitions, with the goal of achieving complete mastery of the mind-body-spirit connection.

5Alive Is The GPS For How To Navigate The Soul.

There will be powerful 5Alive Chassidus sessions daily with world-renowned mashpia, Rabbi Yoskah Levin, an energetic man who believes in bringing out the best in every person he encounters. Rabbi Levin has dedicated over four decades, countless hours, and millions of dollars to inspire thousands of youth and adults alike. Rabbi Levin’s mission is to help VIP Businessmen learn how to integrate God and Torah in their professional dealings, thereby fulfilling the ultimate purpose of Creation. He has developed a unique style of group-learning in which 5Alive allows participants to experience chassidus, transform G-d into a reality, and
reveal their own unique abilities. Additionally, his proven methods empower young adults and imbue their lives with direction, purpose, and meaning.

Business Coaching Is The GPS For How To Navigate The World.

Under the leadership of Shmuel Chanin, business entrepreneur and visionary, VIP Businessmen will be mentored in the skills necessary to succeed in many types of business transactions or environments. Chanin has built dozens of businesses, trained over 1,800 businessmen, pioneered
industries, and now he is paving a path for YOUR success. Chanin’s goal is to ensure that those under his mentorship today have the skills to succeed in the business world of tomorrow.

The Board of Directors includes: Dr. Jacques Bendavid, R’ Aizik Chanin, Shmuel Chanin, R’ Avi Piamenta, and R’ Yoskah Levin.

The Advisory Board includes the following esteemed individuals: Accomplished educator- R’ Levi Blizinsky, R’ Mendy Chanin, ICF certified life coach- R’ Moishe Chanin, Shneur Jacobson, R’ Koby Lerner, R’ Menachem Metzger, Director of Healthy Human CounselingR’ Zalmy Raksin, and devoted educator & real estate entrepreneur- R’ Tzvi Shwartz.

VIP Business Boot Camp promises to be a transformative, exhilarating, and educational experience filled with profitable endeavors geared toward helping young Jewish men soar into a prosperous and ethical tomorrow.

The first semester runs from November 03, 2019 until January 31, 2020.
Become a VIP Businessman today by contacting Koby Lerner at (858) 334-9969. Make sure to secure a spot while space is available – only 13 beds left!
For more information regarding the spiritual parts of the program, contact the Judaic Director, Rabbi Aizik Chanin, at (718) 594-2917.

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