Holocaust survivor in Italy needs police guard due to threats

An Auschwitz survivor who is a senator-for-life in Italy has been assigned a Carabinieri paramilitary police security detail because of threats against her, Italian state radio reported Thursday.

Liliana Segre recently called for the creation of a parliamentary committee to combat hate, racism and anti-Semitism, following revelations that she is subject to 200 social media attacks each day. Parliament approved her motion, but without votes from Italy’s right-wing parties.

Due to the threats against the 89-year-old Segre, Milan prefect Renato Saccone convened a meeting Wednesday with security officials, during which the security detail was ordered, according to Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Israel’s ambassador to Italy tweeted his dismay about the threats. “An 89-year-old survivor under escort symbolizes the danger that the Jewish communities in Europe still are facing today,” said Ambassador Dror Eydar.

The vote last week, along with a round of racist chants in a soccer stadium, has focused attention on a growing boldness in anti-Semitic and racist attitudes in Italy, and the role of politicians in sanctioning them.

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