Former FDA adviser who helped approve LASIK eye surgery says it should be BANNED because it’s left ‘thousands’ with bad vision and driven more than a dozen to SUICIDE

  • Dr Morris Waxler was on the FDA advisory committee that approved LASIK eye surgery to correct vision problems in 1996 
  • LASIK has a complication rate of 10 to 30 percent, leaving people with chronic nerve pain, blurred vision and seeing light halos, among other side effects
  • Last year, Michigan meteorologist Jessica Starr died by suicide about two month after getting LASIK surgery and what she described as a difficult recovery 
  • She is one of some 17 people who died by suicide after getting LASIK, according to
  • Dr Edward Boshnick treated Abraham Rutner of Brooklyn, New York after he says LASIK gave him new vision problems 
  • Dr Waxler is urging the FDA to ban LASIK and claims the agency has downplayed the high rate of serious complications associated with the procedure  

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