We eat and we eat, By Rabbi Yosef Katzman

Every day we eat to keep the soul in the body so that we can live.

There are healthy foods, there are neutral foods, and there are damaging foods, and we choose to eat healthy.

When we eat to party and celebrate, then we are not too particular to eat only healthy, we look for tasty foods which will enhance our pleasure.

In general this is the difference between weekday eating and Sabbath eating.

During the week we work and prepare the food to eat healthy and nutritious.

On the Sabbath we don’t do any work, all foods for the festive meal has been prepared before the Sabbath.

Another difference is that during the week we focus on the nutrition, but on the Sabbath we care more for the festivity of the food.

Why this difference?

The soul joins the body to sort out the good from the bead, dispose of the bad and consume the good. Not to be tempted and fall for the bad.

In other words, we must sort the permissible from the prohibited, and we reject the forbidden foods and consume only the permitted foods.

However on the Sabbath we cannot do the sorting, because everything has already been completed before the Sabbath came in.

On the Sabbath it’s a done deal.

This is the story of life, G-d put us down here to be on the alert to sort the good from the bad, and He wants us to use the good and not to be tempted by the bad.

So during the week when we are busy working and sorting, we have the good and the bad, and we have to separate them and choose the good.

But on the Sabbath since all work has been completed, there is no bad to reject, and we don’t need to worry, we eat and party in honor of the Sabbath.

This weekend we witness this amazing experience in the big picture.

When in Rome do as the Romans do, it’s unusual not to be influenced by the environment in which we live.

Then come thousands of Shluchim who left their warm cozy Chasidic environments, to go to the remotest corners of the world in which G-d and His Sabbath are completely unknown, and instead of being influenced by the environment they create environments, and G-dly community’s sprout and grow.

A G-dly Sabbatical life.

A win win for G-d and for good.

Join the club, stay afloat,
Gut Shabbos
Yosef Katzman

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