FBI Arrests ultra-Orthodox Jewish Bank Robber In Monsey New York Who Threatened Banks With Bombs

The FBI paid a visit to Airmont, NY Tuesday morning. As speculation ran wild that the operation was in connection with the Monsey stabbing attack.

It has now been revealed that this was completely unrelated to the stabbing, but rather shockingly it was in connection to a series of recent bank robberies perpetrated by an Airmont resident.

The FBI has arrested Yosef Ziegler, on suspicion of robbing $32,000 from an Oritani Bank branch on Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge this past April. Yosef allegedly threatened the bank that he had a bomb in his bag.

4 months before that, Yosef is accused to have held up a Chase Bank branch in the Pacesetter Shopping Center on Route 202 in Pomona. In that case as well, Yosef allegedly held a box which he claimed to contain explosives.

There was a $10,000 reward offered for Yosef’s capture, but it is unclear at this time if that contributed toYosef’s arrest.

The feds plan to make a formal announcement Tuesday afternoon to announce Yosef’s arrest, and to reveal other locations Yosef is accused of having robbed.

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