Jordan Backs Down on Jewish Ban After Aryeh Deri Threatens Sanctions in Retaliation

Jewish Press – Israeli public figures attempting to visit Jordan on Tuesday were ordered by Jordanian border officials to remove their Kippahs, religious head coverings, Tzizit and other Jewish markers before entering the Kingdom, generating a minor diplomatic incident.

Some of the group’s members, ultra-Orthodox deputy mayors, conformed with the demand while others refused to comply with the seemingly offensive and anti-Semitic demand.

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who was notified of the incident, spoke with Israeli Foreign Ministry officials and National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat, and the Israelis were subsequently allowed to enter Jordan without any restrictions.

Israeli Foreign Ministry officials notified their Jordanian counterparts that Deri was considering preventing Jordanian workers from entering Israel following the incident.

The Jordanians claimed they issued the ban to “ensure the safety of Israeli tourists.”

Following Deri’s threat, the Jordanians announced that they would once again review the directive to prevent Israeli tourists from entering the country while wearing Jewish markers and symbols.

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