Britain votes in divisive ‘Brexit election’

London (AFP) – Britain voted on Thursday in a deeply divisive election that posed a historic choice between an imminent split from the European Union or another referendum that could scrap the entire Brexit project.

A decisive victory for Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the third poll in less than five years would almost certainly end Britain’s 46-year involvement in the European project at the end of next month.

But a win for the opposition could still reverse the Brexit process and give Britain its most leftist government in decades, led by Jeremy Corbyn — a veteran socialist committed to renationalisation and massive public sector spending.

Britons braved winter storms and howling winds as they lined up to cast ballots in what Johnson and Corbyn have both described as the most important vote in a generation.

“I think that the government has just been stuck for a long time and we need to get things moving now,” Londoner Naomi Buthe said.

Opinion polls show Johnson’s ruling Conservatives leading by a narrow margin.

But they were almost unanimously wrong about the last general election in 2017 and Johnson — who picked up his dog and gave it a kiss after voting — said the outcome rested on a “knife edge”.

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