Immigration to Israel surging, asylum seekers no longer arriving — state report

Israel is on pace for a 20 percent surge in immigration in 2019 over the year before, according to new figures released on Monday by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In 2019, some 27,300 people immigrated to the Jewish state between January and the end of October, the CBS report said. The state report said the figure was 20% more than the same period last year.

Over 28,000 new immigrants moved to Israel in 2018, according to the report. The 27,300 figure would put Israel on pace to break 32,000 new immigrants for the entirety of 2019, though figures are expected to slow for the winter months.

The bureau reported that more than 37,000 people in total moved to Israel in 2018, including 3,500 “returning citizens.”

The largest chunk of migrants in 2018, about 10,500 people, came from Russia while 6,400 hailed from Ukraine, 2,400 from the United States and 2,400 from France.

The official report also spotlighted the sharp dropoff in asylum seekers from Africa entering the country, with not a single person in the category in 2018.

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