Mitch McConnell says Pelosi is SCARED to send him ‘shoddy’ impeachment articles after she hinted she’ll delay for leverage, as Trump warns the Dems THEY are not allowed to pick trial schedule

  • Nancy Pelosi forced the Trump impeachment across the finish line Wednesday
  • Now the process moves to a U.S. Senate trial but Pelosi said she’s in no hurry
  • She blasted Senate leader Mitch McConnell for saying he’s not an ‘impartial’ juror, and declared she won’t hand him the baton without a pledge of ‘fairness’
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is pushing for witness subpoenas that Republicans don’t want to agree to
  • Impeachment trial can’t start until Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy choose ‘managers’ to carry the House’s case to the Senate 
  • House will be out of session from December 20 until January 7 
  • McConnell plans a floor speech slamming Pelosi as ‘afraid’ and warning her that the Senate’s more patient pace will have a ‘calming’ influence
  • President Donald Trump warned that ‘[t]he Do Nothing Party want to Do Nothing with the Articles & not deliver them to the Senate, but it’s Senate’s call!’

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